November 02, 2016

Why Grooming Your Cat On A Regular Basis Is Important

Grooming your cat on a regular basis is really important to your cat’s overall health.

Grooming allows you to remove any loose fur that could end up in the cat’s digestive system, causing constipation, fur balls, and discomfort that can also result in your cat throwing up on a regular basis.

A cat will typically groom itself by licking its fur and when they do this quite a large amount of that fur ends up being swallowed and when this is combined with the food in its stomach fur balls develop that need to be eliminated one way or another.

Longer haired cats obviously have a bigger problem than those with short hair and therefore they will need a lot more grooming to remove loose hair.

In addition to removing the loose fur, grooming can also help you get rid of any fleas that might be on your cat.

And while there are good flea formulations on the market, regular grooming will help you keep your cat in better condition and it also allows you to check if there are any other problems that might need attending to.

If you live near a farm then your cat(s) may venture out into the fields and if they do they can get ticks in vast numbers in a very short time.

Grooming will help to remove a lot of them before they can cause too much trouble for your cat.

Also using a really good flea and tick collar will help prevent this from happening too!

Or you can use a good cat comb because not only will get rid of fleas and ticks but it will also stop the fur from knotting.

If left unattended for too long, and particularly with cats that have long hair, this knotting can get so matted that they need to have the fur cut to remove it.

Knotted fur can form into hard lumps that can cause distress for the cat.

Regular grooming and good nutrition will ensure that your cat has a nice shiny coat, few problems with constipation and fur balls, and less chance of getting any other skin related problems.

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