January 09, 2017

Here's Why Playtime Is Important For Your Cat

Playtime is very essential for cats and it's one of the ways that they can develop their natural instincts as predators.

And when there are two cats in the household they generally swap positions in their role-play as prey and predator and that allows both cats to develop their skills.

When cats are younger, they tend to play like this a lot more than older cats as they hone their skills for hunting.

Even though they are playing, they are still concentrating on their natural hunting skills but they will very rarely cause injury to another cat while doing so.

While playing they will bite and scratch each another but are generally very carefully not to hurt one another.

One cat will attempt to hunt the other and once caught turn around and escape allowing the captured cat to resume the pursuit.

When there is only a single cat in the household, that's when human interaction really becomes important.

Normally if there is another cat in the house, then the younger cat will learn can play with him and learn from him, but if that's not the case then the cat will look for a human to play with them and that human will have to be the one that will help them to develop their skills by chasing and running around with him as he learns to interact.

Another thing this does is it helps keep the cat occupied and reduces boredom as unlike their counterparts in the wild they don't have to go and find their food as it gets delivered to them on a plate each day.

By relieving their boredom they remain a lot happier and are less likely to develop behavioral problems which has a higher incidence with cat that are bored or unhappy.

This playtime also helps to develop a better bond between you and your cat as they become to trust and respect you and are more likely to allow you to train them in specific tasks.

Playtime also helps to develop a better appetite insuring that your cat eats well, sleeps well, and remains healthier by using its muscles and limbs regularly.

An active cat is less likely to become overweight and have the health problems that are associated with obesity.

These are just of few of many reasons why playtime is very important for your cat!

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