November 09, 2016

Does Your Cat Need Supplements?

As long as you are giving your cat a balanced diet there really shouldn’t be any need to give it additional supplements but there are some exceptions.

In fact, by adding additional supplements to your cat’s diet such as vitamins and minerals, you could actually be upsetting the natural balance of the nutrition and doing more harm than good.

Many of the commercial cat foods on the market are nutritionally balanced and complete.

So if you are feeding your cat these types of food then no additional supplements will be needed.

Also if you are feeding your cat a raw food diet that represents the types of foods that it would eat in the wild then it should be nutritionally balanced with sufficient protein and the essential vitamins and minerals that it needs to remain healthy.

Your Cat May Need Supplements When They Are Sick 

So if your cat is eating normally then only time where you might need to give your cat additional vitamin supplements is during times of illness, or where there are other factors involved such as loss of body fluids or diarrhea.

Even during these circumstances it is wise to check with your vet first to ensure that these additional supplements will not cause any other problems.

Now on the other hand, if you feel that the nutrition of your cat is not up to par (perhaps your cat is a finicky eater) then by all means you will need to consider supplementing its diet.

Of course it’s always best to speak with your vet to make sure that your cat is eating the right food and getting enough nutrition.

Your Cat May Need Supplements When They Get Older

Now another reason why your cat may need supplements is when they start aging.

Again it is well worth discussing with your vet any changes that need to be made to your cat’s diet during the various stages of its life.

There are a lot of good cat vitamin and mineral supplements on the market and they can help improve your cat’s health particularly as your cat ages but it is best to give these to your pet based on sound advice from a good vet.

Over time nutritional needs tend to change somewhat as the cat ages and there are some good commercial products that help with fur balls and other problems that specific breeds of cats might have.

Cats that are well cared for will live a lot longer than what could be expected in the wild and for that reason, as with people, over time aged cats may require additional supplementation.

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