December 28, 2016

Can You Train Your Cat?

In the never-ending debate between cats and dogs, a theory frequently advanced by dog lovers is that cats are impossible to train, and for this reason dogs are superior and of course we beg to differ!

The attitude is that because you can train dogs to become service dogs, guide dogs, and even sniffer dogs that they are inherently more intelligent and more amenable to training.

However it is nothing more than invention to say that cats are not smart enough to be trained, or so independent that they will not respond to training.

It is certainly possible to train a cat to a certain extent, even though their character may be such that they will not ever become guide or sniffer animals.

Cats are very intelligent animals that and in order to train them you will need some patience and a firm hand… oh and some treats may be useful as well!

Cats, like dogs – and even humans – will respond better to any kind of training if their performance within that training is suitably rewarded.

In fact, it is precisely because cats are so smart that if you create the connection in a cat’s mind between good behavior and rewards, they will naturally behave better.

Just humans and dogs, cats have different levels of taking to training. This means that you need to persist, even if it seems that it’s never going to take.

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