January 04, 2017

7 Things You Should Know Before Buying Your First Kitten

Kittens are are cute and cuddly but of course they come with a cost!

Here’s 7 things you should know before buying your first kitten!

# 1: They’re Not Fast Growing Babies

They’ll start off lying in your arms looking up at you adorably, at peace with the world but before you know it they’re suddenly at the “toddler” stage – terrorizing you and everyone around you! Running all over the place! Running up your drapes and under your rugs!

# 2: They’re Fussy Eaters

Even the smallest kitten will spit out everything it doesn’t like. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how expensive and in some cases inexpensive the food is. It all depends on what they want to eat so be prepared!

# 3: Your Kitten Will Grow Up To Be An Opinionated Cat

It doesn’t matter that you’ve raised them since they were small. Your cat will turn into a cat who has strong likes and dislikes for anything and everything under the sun!

It won’t matter if it’s your chair, your child’s bed, an antique sofa or a house plant. If your cat likes it… consider it HIS!

# 4: You’ll Find Out Who Your Real Friends Are

If you have friends and family who don’t like cats or even better, claim they are allergic to cats  then you’ll find out quickly if they really are! Sudden the people who claim they don’t “like cats” will become your cat’s new best friend as your cat insist on sitting on their lap!

# 5: Don’t Fall Under Your Cat’s Spell

Don’t believe it when people tell you it’s impossible to train a cat to do certain things. Take potty training as an example!

You can train a cat to use a litter box which means a cat is capable of learning! Unfortunately an ability to learn does not automatically mean a willingness to learn, especially in a cat so don’t let your cat trick you! They can learn… they just don’t want to in most cases.

# 6: A Kitten Will Grow And Grow Fast

Remember, you may think it’s cute to have that tiny little ball of fluff curled up next to you on your pillow at night but pretty soon that little kitten is going to take up all the pillow and it won’t be happy when it suddenly finds itself on the cold floor in a property fight over whose pillow it is!

# 7: Don’t Get Caught Up Too Quickly

A kitten will quickly worm itself into your heart and stay there so make sure you only take enough money to buy one or you could end up bringing two or three home because otherwise you could end up buying more than one because you couldn’t choose between two of them, and then the third one looked so lonely!

For more tips, resources and information on how to keep your cat healthy and happyclick here


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