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Here's Why Playtime Is Important For Your Cat Posted on 09 Jan 20:20 , 0 comments

Playtime is very essential for cats and it's one of the ways that they can develop their natural instincts as predators. And when there are two cats in the household they generally swap positions in their role-play as prey and predator and that allows both cats to develop their skills. […]

The Real Reason Why Cat's Scratch... And It's Not What You Think! Posted on 08 Jan 22:29 , 0 comments

Has your cat turned your chairs, window screens, and rugs all into to confetti using his lethal claws? If so, you may be wondering how you can stop this behavior. Well it may be easier to stop your cat from destroying your home […]

7 Things You Should Know Before Buying Your First Kitten Posted on 05 Jan 00:36 , 0 comments

Kittens are are cute and cuddly but of course they come with a cost! Here’s 7 things you should know before buying your first kitten! # 1: They’re Not Fast Growing Babies. They’ll start off lying in your arms looking up at you adorably […]

Choosing Your First Cat Posted on 03 Jan 00:32 , 0 comments

Cats can be great pets for people who are looking for an animal, but want one that is a little more independent. There are of course many other considerations to take into account before rushing out and buying your cat based […]

Can You Train Your Cat? Posted on 29 Dec 00:42 , 0 comments

In the never-ending debate between cats and dogs, a theory frequently advanced by dog lovers is that cats are impossible to train, and for this reason dogs are superior and of course we beg to differ! The attitude is that because you […]

What To Look For When Buying A New Kitten Posted on 27 Dec 00:29 , 0 comments

Buying a kitten is a lot different than buying an older cat. So before you rush out and buy or take the first kitten that is offered to you, there are a few things that you should know about what to look […]

The Essential Supplies Every Cat Owner Needs Posted on 21 Dec 00:25 , 0 comments

Anytime you choose to get a new pet, you need to make sure that you have everything you will need to take care of that pet with. Cats need certain things so before you get your cat or kitten, you might […]

3 Simple Tips For Traveling With Your Cat Posted on 14 Dec 00:22 , 0 comments

Some cats enjoy traveling where others do not.  Tt really depends on your cat’s personality! Traveling can either be easy or difficult task when you have your cat in tow.
There are different ways that you can travel and there are also […]

6 Behaviors That All Cats Share Posted on 07 Dec 00:20 , 0 comments

There are behaviors that many cats share but you might not know the logic behind them. Below are 6 behaviors that all cats share along with characteristics and explanations as to why your cat may perform them so you can better understand what you […]

5 Tips For Quickly House Training Your Cat Posted on 30 Nov 00:15 , 0 comments

Many new cat owners really struggle with their cat house training and if they don’t go about it in the right way from the beginning, this can be very frustrating. The first step in training should be trying to understand […]